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School bus services

Please be aware, the below information relates to schools services operating until July 2018.

Information for services for the 2018/2019 school year may be different.

Applications for Yellow School Bus passes are now closed. Passes are currently being allocated and if any spaces are available after allocation has been completed a new applications window will open on this page.

Do you qualify?

School bus services help pupils aged 11 to 16 get to and from some Greater Manchester secondary schools.

Only Yellow School buses are reserved just for school pupils: anyone can use normal school buses, so you're not guaranteed a seat.

Applicants should note TfGM are only able to issue a limited number of passes for each bus, if applicants do not use the pass they could be preventing other pupils from using the service. Should they no longer wish to use the service can they return the pass to TfGM so we can issue another pass.

Find out more about Yellow School Bus services

The costs and the benefits

Low-cost single tickets can be bought on all school bus services for £1.35, with many also offering return tickets at a cost of £2.30. You may be able to use your return ticket on similar routes not run by the same bus company.

All school pupils must have an igo pass to get a low-cost fare on school bus services, otherwise the standard adult fare applies.
Most tickets cost the same, no matter how far from the school you live.

You can buy a weekly ticket if your service offers a return ticket for a cost of £7.30.

School bus timetables


School timetables will be updated shortly for the 2018/2019 school year.

Buy your ticket

Buy your single, return or weekly ticket from the driver when you get on the bus.

You should show your igo pass to buy a ticket, and must carry the igo pass with you when you travel.

If you lose your weekly ticket

Sorry, there are no refunds; you have to buy another ticket.