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Your one-stop shop for travelling to school

For parents and students, here are some handy tips and different travel options to help you get to and from school on time.

A full list of travel options for every school, including fare information and the services operating to it, is available via the drop down list below.

  • Active travel - Walk or cycle to school (especially for shorter distances). This will help free up space for students who live further away to travel by public transport.

  • Bus - Check below on the high frequency bus services which travel on the main roads to and from a school. If your school is in Bolton, Wigan, Bury, or parts of Salford, there's more information about Bee Network school buses on our Using the bus webpage.

  • Tram - All services will run to a 12-minute frequency, but there are also peak services between Altrincham and Bury, East Didsbury and Shaw and Crompton and MediaCityUK and Etihad Campus that increase the frequency between these key locations. For more details on the tram schedule, visit our dedicated webpage. If you'd like to find out more about MediaCityUK to Etihad Campus services from 25 September 2023, take a look at our tram service changes webpage.

  • Rail - Check your service is running to schedule.

  • Back-up plan - Make sure you have one! If bus, tram or train services are delayed, is there an alternative route to school? It might be quicker to walk to school or to board another service.

  • Dropping off at school or college by car? - Park up a few streets away so your child can walk the last leg into school. It'll be quicker and safer for everyone. And if you're waiting, please switch off your engine to reduce air pollution.


Using the bus

It’s a good idea to check which bus is best to catch before your journey. Show your pass to the driver, and where necessary pay your fare, try to have the correct change if possible.

Two children holding igo cards

Tickets and passes

Whether it's an igo card, Our Pass, Scholar's Permit, Free School Pass or the Care Leavers travel offer, see what you need to get you to school or college.

Bee Network school services

All TfGM school services are joining the Bee Network. Find out what this means for your school bus service with our frequently asked questions.

Travel information for your school or college

Find your school travel options by area below.