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about tfgm

We’re all about keeping Greater Manchester moving and growing.

It’s our role to make it easier for you to get from A to B.

It’s no small job. You make more than 5.6 million journeys on the city region’s roads, trains, trams and buses every day.

And we’re bringing it all together by rolling out the Bee Network – a world class, joined up transport network under local control.

Eventually, the Bee Network will be a one-stop-shop for local travel, helping you to choose and use greener ways to get around.

Our travel plans for Greater Manchester have the most ambition behind them in the UK, after London.

And we’re putting you first in everything we do to help make travel as safe and simple as possible.

Connecting Greater Manchester

As the local government body responsible for transport, our job is to bring everyone together, improving lives by connecting people and places.

Whether it’s working with bus, tram and train operators to keep your journeys on track. Or using technology to make it easier to travel and plan your journey.

  • We’re the proud owners of Metrolink (the UK’s largest light rail network) and we’re looking to expand it in future.
  • We’re taking bus services back under local control: we’re the first city region outside London to franchise bus services. All local bus services will be under local control as part of the Bee Network by January 2025.
  • We're working to bring local rail services onto the Bee Network by 2030.
  • We own Greater Manchester’s bus stations, stops and shelters, and invest in new, modern transport interchanges.
  • We’re working to make travel easier and more affordable through smarter travel information, lower fares and smart, integrated ticket systems.
  • We manage the Key Route Network (nearly 400 miles) keeping traffic flowing on some of Greater Manchester’s busiest roads.
  • We also tell Greater Manchester's ten planning authorities the best ways to improve transport and land use with their proposals.

Green and lean

We care about your health and wealth:

  • We believe in making travel affordable for everyone in Greater Manchester. That’s why we subsidise fares for children, older people and disabled people.
  • We’re delivering walking and cycle routes in Greater Manchester that are green - and safe. And you can hire one of our Bee Network bikes.
  • We’re cutting air pollution. As part of Greater Manchester’s Low Emission Strategy and Air Quality Action Plan, we believe in a cleaner, greener and healthier place to live, work and play.
  • Everything we do is part of Greater Manchester’s drive to be a place where everyone can live a good life, growing up, getting on and growing old in a greener, fairer more prosperous city region.
  • We’re part of the Green City Region partnership and responsible for delivering the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan.

Who makes the decisions?

We answer to the local politicians you elect.

That’s Mayor Andy Burnham and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, along with the Bee Network Committee. Together, we make the decisions that are good for travel in our region.

You’re welcome to join, or read about, our meetings.

Find out more about our Gender Pay Gap on our pages on the website.

Some of your council tax pays for us. We also get money from government grants and bid for other funding where we can.

What does the future look like?

Joined up travel in Greater Manchester, that’s easy to use, accessible and affordable, with enough seats and services for everyone, by 2040.

We’re working on it right now. Read about how we’re getting there.