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Rail Ranger ticket: adult

If you're making more than one single or return off-peak train journey in one day, it may be cheaper to get a Rail Ranger ticket and travel as many times as you want.

Do you qualify?

Anyone can buy this ticket.

But if you're under 16 it's cheaper to get a Child's Rail Ranger ticket.

The costs and the benefits

The Rail Ranger costs £7.00.

You can travel as often as you like on Greater Manchester trains outside peak times.

You cannot use your Rail Ranger ticket:

  • before 9.30 am, Monday to Friday (except bank holidays)
  • between 4.01pm and 6.29pm, Monday to Friday (except bank holidays)

You can use the ticket until 2.30am on the following day.

Buy your ticket

Buy your Rail Ranger at the ticket office on the station, or if the ticket office is not open or available, on the train.