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If you're under 16 and travel more than three miles to school, you could be eligible for a free school pass.

Do you qualify?

By law a child may be eligible for free transport to and from school if:

  • they are under 8 (or under 11 if you get maximum Working Tax Credit) and go to school more than two miles away; or
  • they are between 8 and 16 and go to school more than three miles away; or
  • they are disabled and cannot walk; or
  • there is no safe walking route to school

Local councils can offer free travel to other children too. Check the rules used by your local council to see if you qualify.

Costs and benefits

The pass is free, and lasts for one academic year starting in September, and finishing on the 31 July the following year.

It gives you free term-time travel in Greater Manchester by bus, tram or train on a specific route between home and school, up to 9pm.

You can't use the pass for any other journeys.

Apply for a Free School Pass

You must apply for a pass from your local council, not from us.

Renew your pass

Contact your local council about the new pass when the old one runs out at the end of the school year.

If you lose your pass

It costs £5 to replace your pass. Just let us know and we will organise a replacement pass for you.

If you lose your pass download a replacement pass form