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Train and tram return combined ticket (adult)

You can buy tickets that combine Metrolink tram trips with Greater Manchester train journeys, instead of getting two separate tickets.

Do you qualify?

Your return journey must start from, or go to, a rail station in Greater Manchester.

See map of Greater Manchester rail area

Anyone can buy this ticket. But if you're under 16, a student (16-19 in school or college), over 60 or disabled with a National Concessionary Travel Pass, find out more about tickets and passes.

The costs and the benefits

There are three types of combined ticket:

  1. A train ticket from anywhere in Greater Manchester into Manchester city centre can also be used on trams in the Metrolink 'City Zone' for no extra cost . See Metrolink network map.

  2. If you have a train ticket from anywhere in Greater Manchester to another Greater Manchester rail station, and you have to change between city-centre stations, you can use the tram between those stations for no extra cost.

  3. If you want to travel between a Greater Manchester train station, and a Metrolink tram stop outside the City Zone, you can buy a combined ticket.

The cost depends on how far you're travelling, but it's cheaper than buying two separate tickets.

Buy your combined ticket

If you're starting your return journey from a Greater Manchester train station to a tram stop outside the City Zone, buy your combined ticket at the station ticket office, or on the train if the ticket office is closed.

If you're starting from a tram stop outside the city centre zone to a Greater Manchester train station, buy your ticket from the ticket machine at the tram stop before you travel:

  • press the ‘Day, Family or Group Travelcards and Railzone tickets’ button
  • choose ‘Railzone’
  • press the button for the rail zone that covers the station you're going to. If you don't know which zone, press the information button next to each Railzone, or check the ticket information poster at the tram stop.