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GMRAPS is a permit scheme operated by the ten local authorities in Greater Manchester and administered by Transport for Greater Manchester.

The aims of the scheme are:

  • To provide an effective system to co-ordinate works on the highway, which impacts how the people of Greater Manchester travel.
  • To improve the effectiveness of the transport system – an essential factor in economic growth.

Maintaining the highway network while providing essential utility services – such as water, energy and telecommunications - is essential to work and live in Greater Manchester. As a result, there are thousands of roadworks undertaken in each GM authority every year and the co-ordination of these is key in maintaining the flow of traffic.

Applying for a permit ensures the authority can:

  • Assess the planned works
  • Place conditions in the permit to mitigate against major disruption
  • Ensure that the duration of works is kept to a minimum.

The permit scheme is enacted under the Traffic Management Act 2004 and follows the Government’s statutory guidance.

Detailed information regarding the scheme can be found within the scheme documents and on the GMRAPS in detail pages.