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Stockport bus station

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Service changes

Service: 368A

From: 28 October

Service 368A
Manchester Airport – Stockport
Run by Stagecoach. Minor route change between Shadow Moss Road and Ringway Road due to changes in road layout. New 368A

Service: 328

From: 28 October

Service 328
Bridge Hall – Stockport
Run by Stagecoach. Late evening journeys will be run by Manchester Community Transport. New 328 timetable

Service: 312

From: 28 October

Service 312
Handforth Dean – Stockport
Run by Stagecoach. Times are changed. Most journeys are now run by Manchester Community Transport.

Service: 329

From: 28 October

Service 329
Reddish – Stockport
Run by Stagecoach. Late evening journeys will be run by Manchester Community Transport. New 329 timetable

Service: 382

From: 28 October

Service 382
Greave – Stockport
Run by Stagecoach. Monday to Saturday daytime journeys are introduced between Woodley, Greave, Romiley, Bredbury and Stockport, partly replacing buses 380 and 381. These journeys will also run via Cherry Tree, Guywood Lane, Underhill, Hatherlow, The Ridgway and Goyt Valley Road. All journeys are rerouted to run via School Brow and Barrack Hill including buses on Sundays and public holidays. Times are also changed on Sundays and public holidays. All journeys will be run by Manchester Community Transport. New 382 timetable

Service: 173

From: 28 October

Service 173
Stepping Hill – Manchester
Run by Stagecoach. Route withdrawn. Replaced between Stepping Hill and Stockport by bus 373 and between Stockport and Lancashire Hill by bus [303].(//

Service: 372

From: 28 October

Service 372
Hazel Grove – Stockport
Run by Stageoach. Route changed to run between Bramhall Green and Stockport only. Section of route between Hazel Grove, Torkington, and Stepping Hill replaced by bus 373 which also runs to/from Stockport town centre. Times are changed and all journeys will be run by Manchester Community Transport. New 372 timetable

Service: 380, 381

From: 28 October

Service 380, 381
Stockport – Woodley circulars
Run by Stagecoach. Withdrawn and replaced by additional bus 382 journeys running on Monday to Saturday daytimes.

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Destination Operator Stand Expected


Manchester City Centre, Paton St

Stagecoach Manchester DD DueTimetabledStand: DDStagecoach Manchester


Stockport, Stockport Stn

Manchester Community Transport G DueTimetabledStand: GManchester Community Transport


Albert Square, Town Hall

Stagecoach Manchester J DueTimetabledStand: JStagecoach Manchester


Gillbent, Pointing Dog

Stagecoach Manchester N DueTimetabledStand: NStagecoach Manchester


Gillbent, Pointing Dog

Stagecoach Manchester Q DueTimetabledStand: QStagecoach Manchester


Stockport, Stockport Bus Station

Stagecoach Manchester U DueTimetabledStand: UStagecoach Manchester


Adswood, Rainow Rd

Stagecoach Manchester Y DueTimetabledStand: YStagecoach Manchester


Stockport, Stockport Bus Station

Manchester Community Transport F DueTimetabledStand: FManchester Community Transport


Hazel Grove, Hazel Grove Park & Ride

Stagecoach Manchester BB 1minTimetabledStand: BBStagecoach Manchester


Manchester City Centre, Piccadilly

Stagecoach Manchester S 1minTimetabledStand: SStagecoach Manchester

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