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The team within TfGM design, commission and manage the collection and processing of large to small scale surveys to support the development, appraisal and evaluation of transport policies, strategies and schemes on behalf of Greater Manchester’s District Councils, external clients, and TfGM itself.

There is extensive experience with the application of transport surveys for data collection exercises either via manual collection using accredited field staff with electronic handheld data capture devices, allowing same day data delivery or video collection methods. This includes high resolution mobile video cameras, ANPR cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), automatic data capture processes and Video Analytics (Vision Based Surveys).

This extensive range of available collection methods makes TfGM a safe choice to advise on requirements, produce the specification for small and large scale survey programmes and deliver timely critical transport data.

In the past, work has included large area-wide data collection exercises to aid traffic model development through traffic counts and bus route evaluation exercises, Greater Manchester (GM) Rail Passenger movements and counts for GM Rail planning and specifying survey programmes to understand pedestrian, cyclist movements in and through neighbourhoods as part of schemes such as the Mayoral Challenge Fund.

The suite of survey design, data collection, monitoring, research, analysis, reporting and mapping services offered includes:

Bespoke surveys

  • Face-to-face questionnaire design;
  • Customer interview surveys;
  • Travel analysis and research;
  • Origin and destination surveys;
  • Infrastructure audits and surveys;
  • Customer improvement surveys; and
  • Public transport intercept surveys.

Mode-specific surveys

  • Boarding and Alighting surveys at Metrolink Stations, Bus stops, Bus stations, Rail stations, and all Bus school services;
  • Rail passenger customer journeys surveys;
  • On-board bus surveying;
  • Scheme evaluation (before and after surveys at Bus Station interchanges);
  • Pedal cycle and pedestrian movement surveys.


  • Junction Turning Traffic Counts;
  • Link Flow Traffic Counts;
  • Pedestrian Flow Surveys, e.g. crossing a cordon, controlled crossing (PV2) assessments;
  • Bus and Car Journey Time surveys e.g. Core Route Monitoring for TfGM
  • On and Off-Street Parking Studies;
  • Car park surveys (e.g. Park & Ride surveys at Metrolink stops and Rail stations);
  • Safer routes to school surveys; and
  • Roadside Interview Surveys.


  • Casualty analysis; and
  • Map-based analysis for transport movements and collisions.


TfGM, as Greater Manchester’s transport authority, ensure that they partner customer satisfaction and knowledge of the transport network in order to produce work of a high standard that is welcomed by our customers.

Below are just some of our customer testimonials from past projects:

‘Thank you again for your work and contribution to the overall Phase 3 evaluation’ – Tom Sansom, TfGM

‘Your team have been out on the Metrolink stops every day for almost a year come rain, sleet or snow… the insight that we have gained from passengers has been second to none.’ – Danny Vaughan, TfGM

'Outside of London, TfGM are leading the way in understanding the trends of compliance with a comprehensive monitoring strategy in place, allowing TfGM to capture the ‘mood’ of commuters.' – Department for Transport

Key contacts

If you would like to discuss what TfGM has to offer or request a quote, please email .

For enquiries relating to video surveys, please email .

TfGM comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.