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All buses operating in Greater Manchester meet legal accessibility standards.

Bee Network buses running in franchised areas provide enhanced accessibility features which includes two wheelchair spaces, audio visual announcements and a hearing induction loop.

Buses already running in Greater Manchester will be upgraded over the next two years. We want all Bee Network buses to be fully accessible, to make the Bee Network as accessible as possible to everyone as quickly as we can.

By 2025 all local buses will be best-in-class and part of the Bee Network.

Eventually, we want all Bee Network buses to be:

  • Yellow, featuring the Bee Network logo.
  • Modern and electric or low-emission, with USB-charging ports.
  • Fully accessible, with ramps, wheelchair bays, hearing induction loops, anti-slip flooring and audio and visual announcement systems – including announcements of next stop and final destination, plus other features.
  • Cleaned regularly to high standards.

Many bus operators will also have supporting technology such as apps that let you know how crowded a bus is or if it has a wheelchair space free. Please check with your bus operator to see exactly what accessibility options they can provide for your journey.

Read below for more information on what you can expect from your bus operator.

Other bus companies

Over 40 bus and coach companies operate in Greater Manchester. Many are making similar steps to more accessible travel.

Visit the individual bus operators websites to view their accessibility policies.