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May Rail Timetable change

Sunday 20 May

What’s happening

On 20 May one of the biggest rail timetable changes in 20 years will be implemented across the UK.

Rail customers in GM need to check their journeys as times, routes and end destinations (particularly into Manchester) may have changed. The changes have been driven by Network Rail and planned by the Train Operating Companies.

During the consultation period TfGM have, through our role in Rail North, responded to the proposals and helped to identity solutions that delivered the best possible results for GM.

Our advice is to plan ahead and familiarise yourself with your new times of train services before your next rail journey whether that is for work or pleasure.

We have got lots of travel options and advice for customers wishing to cross the city centre as part of their onward journey.

There are a range of options available to get between Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria so be sure to check our journey planner before you travel.

For the latest train information please visit National Rails website or speak with either Northern Rail or Transpennine Express.

The travel advice on this page should help you to plan your journey and make travel easier.

What can you do?

  • Plan ahead and allow more time for your journey.
  • Be aware that many of your usual services will have changed.
  • Familiarise yourself with onward journey options as some final destinations may have changed.
  • Help minimise the impact on your journey. Can you travel at a different time, for example?
  • Check your journey details before Sunday 20 May

  • Follow @northernassist and @TPExpressTrains for live travel information.

Useful maps


Rail customers who have a ticket which says MAN CTZL on it have the option of cross city travel on the Metrolink’s city centre zone stops.
If your ticket says MAN STNS you will have to pay for an additional ticket to use the Metrolink service.


Cycling and Walking

If you are cycling to anyone of the rail stations in Manchester, please be aware of Transpennine Express’ new cycling policy which requires you to book your bike on board at least 24 hours in advance.
You can read more on Transpennine Expresses Cycle Policy here.
It takes 20 minutes to walk from Piccadilly to Victoria. We have created a suggested walking route map for those who are not familiar with the city centre.

Metroshuttle service

Metroshuttles are free buses linking the main rail stations, car parks, shopping areas and businesses.
Metroshuttle services operate in Manchester city centre (routes 1, 2 and 3).
If you are wanting to travel from Piccadilly to Victoria via bus, the Metroshuttle 2 service will provide the best option.
You can find the live departure times here.
Metroshuttle 2 service is in operation:
- Monday to Friday: 6.30am to 6.30pm, every ten minutes.
- Saturday: 8.30am to 6.30pm, every ten minutes.
- Sunday and public holidays (excluding Christmas Day): 9.35am to 6pm, every twelve minutes.

What TfGM is doing to make travel easier

  • Working with Metrolink to add extra capacity where it can at peak periods on the busiest lines.

  • Ensuring there are additional staff on Metrolink and at key interchanges to support customers.

  • Monitoring service performance and ongoing reliability and providing feedback to Network Rail and train operators for the preparation of future timetables.

  • Will be providing additional comms support for customers to ensure they are aware of their transport options.