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Metrolink trams

Metrolink operates a discretionary refund policy and tickets and passes are generally non-refundable.

In cases of disruption, alternative arrangements will be put in place as soon as possible. If alternative arrangements cannot be provided, we may make appropriate refund.

If travelling contactless, you can use your card/device to travel by replacement bus but not on trains. Please remember to touch-in at the tram stop at the start of your journey and touch-out at the end of your journey. If you do this, any contactless journeys will continue to be recorded and charged/capped as normal.

If a tram service is cancelled or disrupted, wherever possible, Metrolink will tell customers as soon as possible by:

Metrolink is not liable for any other loss arising from failure to operate (e.g. taxi fares, missed transport connections or appointments etc.)

Planned Service Changes

When there is a planned change to services for maintenance or improvement works, Metrolink will provide a replacement bus service. Where possible, buses will pick customers up and drop off at all the stops that have been affected. In those cases, you must buy your tram ticket (or touch-in with a valid pass or contactless card at the on-stop readers) as normal and show this when boarding the bus.

Lost or Stolen Tickets

If you lose your smart card or it is stolen or damaged, you should report this by logging into your online account or by phoning us on 0161 244 1000. We will arrange for a replacement card to be sent to your home address.

If you had a 28-day or annual ticket on your card, with more than 7 days left before it expires, this will be made available for collection on your new card. Please note that you will have to collect this ticket from a Metrolink smart reader. This applies even if it’s a bus ticket.

Staff at TfGM Travelshops can also request a replacement card for you but please note that, if your replacement card needs to be loaded with replacement tickets and travelcards, it must be sent to your home address. The Travelshop staff can’t add replacement tickets to your card.

Ticket refunds

Should you no longer need an annual season ticket, you can request a refund providing there are at least 28 days left on the ticket.

If you buy a ticket valid for 7 days or more and want to cancel it before the start date, we will consider giving a refund on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact us on 0161 244 1000 to ask about having your ticket refunded.


The rules for getting a refund depend on which bus company you travelled with. You will need to contact the relevant bus company for more information.


You can get a full refund on some tickets if your train is cancelled or delayed and you choose not to travel.

If you do travel and your train is delayed, you may also be able to get compensation.

Most train companies operate the Delay Repay policy. This means you get compensation for any delay of 30 minutes or more – even if it was caused by inclement weather or something else outside the company's control.

Read National Rail passenger rights to refunds and compensation for more information about refunds and delays.