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Yellow School Buses

Secondary school children can get a reserved seat to and from school on a Yellow School Bus

Yellow School Bus application portal

The application portal is currently closed. It will reopen in late May 2018.

Do you qualify?

You must live in Greater Manchester and go to a secondary school in Greater Manchester that's served by Yellow Bus.

See which secondary schools are served by Yellow School Buses

You and your parent or guardian must agree to the Yellow Bus code of practice.

You must have an igo pass to buy Yellow School Bus tickets.

The costs and the benefits

A weekly ticket costs £7. This is the best choice if you go to school by bus every day, there is the option to buy single tickets.

You could qualify for free school travel if the child:
- is blind, or deaf and with speech problems, or has learning disabilities; or
- lives more than three miles from school

See if you qualify for free school travel

Contact your local council to apply for school transport for a child with special educational needs

Unlike a normal school bus, the Yellow School Bus gives you a guaranteed seat to and from school every day.

The bus picks you up at a convenient place near your home, and will usually have the same driver every day.

Buy your ticket

Before you buy a ticket, you must apply for a Yellow School Bus pass. Applications are processed in July, and passes last for one academic year.

Applications are first-come-first-served basis as there are limited seats on the bus. Once a bus is full, it will no longer show as being available on the application form.

When you have a pass, you will be able to buy tickets on the bus. You need to show your Yellow School Bus pass and your igo pass. You can only use the bus with the same number on as your pass.

If you lose your pass

If you lose your bus pass, email

Renew your pass

When the pass runs out, apply again through the online portal.