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Taxis and private hire services in Greater Manchester

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Around 32 million trips are made in taxis and private hire vehicles in Greater Manchester each year.

We know it’s an important way for many people to travel around the city region.

That’s why the ten district local licencing authorities are working with us to make sure every journey meets the same high standard.

Take the survey

We’d like to hear about your experiences of using taxis and private hire in Greater Manchester.
We want to know why you do or don’t use them and what’s important to you.

That includes how safe you feel, how well the driver knows the local area, and what you think of vehicle and driver standards.

Our survey will take up to ten minutes to complete.

Take the survey

What happens next?

We will share the information from this survey with the local Greater Manchester councils who license taxi and private hire drivers and operators.

Together we will use your feedback to support the introduction of a common, minimum set of standards for taxis and private hire licensed by the ten Greater Manchester districts.

If any of the ten local authorities needs to change their current policy to meet the new standards, they will hold a formal public consultation first so everyone, including taxi drivers and operators can give their views.

Taxis and private hire: What’s the difference?

There are around 2,000 taxis and 11,000 private hire vehicles licensed by the ten Greater Manchester authorities.

Taxis are also known as black cabs, or Hackney carriages and are often the London-style cabs. They can be flagged down on the street, at an authorised taxi rank or can be pre-booked.

A private hire vehicle can only be pre-booked through a private hire company. This might be over the phone or using an app.

What about out of town private hire?

Current legislation means that some private hire drivers and vehicles who operate in Greater Manchester are licensed by councils from other areas in England and Wales.

That means we cannot currently guarantee a high standard of service from ‘out of town’ drivers.
We are working with partners from across the UK who share our concerns to ask government to consider changing the law.

We want the law to help us make sure that anyone who drives or operates a taxi or private hire vehicle in Greater Manchester meets high safety standards.

How can I find out more?

If you have any questions, please email or call 0161 244 1000.