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As the economy and population of Greater Manchester grows, more 'sustainable' travel will keep people moving quickly and efficiently.

Sustainable travel means we cut pollution, congestion and accidents; and people lead healthier and happier lives.

It means having a comprehensive, well-connected public transport system so that people positively choose to travel by bus, train or tram. And it's about encouraging people to cycle or walk whenever they can.

But some people will need to make some journeys by car. If you do need to drive, there are still ways you can contribute to a more sustainable, safer transport environment. You'll save money and contribute to a better Greater Manchester.

Plan your Greater Manchester car journey

Go to the TfGM journey planner and choose the car option.

Check Greater Manchester roadworks

Go to the Greater Manchester Road Works website. If you choose the map option, zoom in until roadwork symbols appear.

Drive more economically

Eco-driving or 'smarter driving' techniques can cut your fuel costs by 10 per cent.

See energy saving trust driving advice

Join a car club

A car club gives you flexible and hassle-free access to a car or a van whenever you want. Pay by the hour, day or week, and only pay when you use it.

Cars are based at various sites – you could organise them to be near your workplace or in your neighbourhood.

Payments are processed automatically. Simply book the car, drive away and bring it back when you have finished.

There are two car clubs in Greater Manchester, with access to vehicles across the country as well as locally:

Share a car

Cuts costs, congestion, parking problems and pollution by sharing a car with someone who makes the same regular journey as you.

The usual way to find a sharing partner is through your work. More than 100 Greater Manchester employers have joined our car sharing scheme. If you work for one of them, register and find a partner at:

If your employer isn't on the list, encourage them to join up. Tell them there are benefits for employers too.

Find out more about how using cars efficiently is good for business.

Use an electric car

You don't pay vehicle excise duty (or 'road tax') on an electric car. It's much cheaper to run, maintenance costs are much lower, it's quieter and, with no harmful carbon emissions, much kinder to the environment.

With hundreds of charging points across Greater Manchester, and more on the way, and technology improving all the time, electric cars are the future. They will make a big contribution to sustainable travel.

Find out more about Greater Manchester's Electric Vehicle Scheme.

Stay safe on the road

We are part of the Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership, a group of organisations committed to reducing the numbers of deaths and injuries on our roads.

Our Drive Safe campaign promotes greater road awareness and runs training for people who have been caught speeding or committed another driving offence.

Find out more about Drive Safe and the casualty reduction partnership.