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We're committed to the safe and secure storage of lost property that has been left on any Bee Network bus, station/interchange or bus stop.

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How to report lost property

If you've lost something when travelling on a Bee Network bus then please get in touch by:

If under 13 years of age, a responsible guardian/adult will need to make the enquiry.

Important information before you make an enquiry

  • We store lost property items for a maximum of 28 days after which it will be disposed of.
  • Perishable items will be disposed of at the end of the working day.
  • For any official documents i.e passport, driving licence, these will be returned to the appropriate body for their disposal after 28 days.
  • For payment (credit/debit) cards lost inside other property, such as wallets and purses, we will remove the items and destroy securely at the end of the working day.
  • We recommend that you contact your bank immediately to report the loss and arrange a replacement.
  • We do not keep or take enquiries for any hazardous, illegal or objectionable items. We refer these items to the appropriate authorities.
  • Any lost animals will be recorded in our lost property system and handed over to an appropriate animal sanctuary. The customer will be advised of their location. Animal welfare will take priority.
  • If you have lost property on other services such as rail services, licensed taxi’s, coaches, tour buses, Shopping Centres or at Airports, then please contact the operator directly.
  • Contact Greater Manchester Police for property lost in public spaces.

After we've received your enquiry

We will try our best to find your item as quickly as possible. To make this easier, please give us as much information as you can when you report something is lost.

It can take up to 5 working days to find your item, but it may take a little longer if we have a lot of requests.

Please only visit an operational bus depot if you've been invited by the team to collect your item. Please also don't visit a bus depot to report lost property.

How to get your property back

If we find your item, then you will need to claim your lost property within 28 days, after which the item will be disposed of.

  • If your item has been stored at a depot - Once we have confirmed that we have found your property, we will provide you with the location and opening hours of where to collect your property.
  • If your item has been stored at a TfGM facility - Once we have confirmed that we have found your property, we will provide you with the location and opening hours of where to collect your property.
  • If the person is aged 13 or under, the item must be collected by an adult.
  • If you are 14 and over you will need to provide proof of age.
  • Photographic Identification will be required to collect the lost property e.g. Driving Licence, Voter Authority Certificate, Passport or a TfGM Issued ENCTS/Our Pass or igo or Care Levers Pass. If you do not have one of these, two of the following will be required – Utility Bill (dated within the last 3 months), Council Tax Bill (current year), Change of name status.

Is there a charge?

We do not charge for handling or stored lost property.

If you are unable to collect your lost property, you must arrange for an independent courier service to collect and deliver your lost property. All courier details must be given to TfGM for our records. This is entirely at your own risk and cost.

Unclaimed items

Items which remain unclaimed after 28 days from the date of handed in will be
disposed of.

We remove and securely destroy any personal data. Then, we donate the property to charity. We do not hold specific auctions for unclaimed items.

What to do if you find something

If you find any items of property left on a Bee Network bus or at a bus station, interchange or bus stop please hand it in to: