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To achieve our long-term ambitions as set out in the 2040 Transport Strategy and Our Network, Greater Manchester needs a clear programme of interventions, infrastructure projects and regulatory powers to secure, plan for and deliver over the next five years.

The Delivery Plan - WebThe plan is structured around five themes:

It details the interventions that in the next five years:
• We are committed to deliver;
• We aim to complete a business case for;
• We will develop options for; and
• We will investigate in the future.

The following maps illustrate our delivery programme

Map committed to delivery

Map of the projects we want to complete the business cases for in the next five years

In the next five years we will develop options for...

Cycling and Walking Interventions

Local Implementation Plans

The Greater Manchester Five Year Transport Plan is supported by 10 authority-specific Local Implementation Plans (LIPs).

These Local Implementation Plans:

• Provide detail on how the 2040 Transport Strategy and Five Year Transport Delivery Plan’s goals will be achieved in each local authority area;
• Summarise key local transport issues and opportunities;
• Detail the local transport interventions that need to be delivered to support the Right Mix and Net Zero Carbon targets; and
• Focus on neighbourhood and town centre interventions, to complement the strategic
focus of the Five Year Transport Delivery Plan.

You can find the Local Implementation Plans in the appendix of Our Five Year Transport Delivery Plan