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Our journey to clean air starts with you

1 December 2017
Engines off at school gates

Mayor Andy Burnham is calling on Greater Manchester’s drivers to help tackle deadly air pollution by turning their car engines off at the school gates.

A new campaign highlights the health dangers of keeping the engine running when parked up, which is a particular problem on the school run.

A recent study revealed that switching off the engine when at a standstill could help reduce air pollution during peak travel hours by as much as 30%.

The harmful fumes pumped out by many vehicles don’t just affect people outside the vehicle – drivers and their passengers are exposed as well.

Leaving the engine running wastes more fuel – every two minutes ticking over is the fuel equivalent of driving a mile.

Hundreds of roadside signs are being supported by a webpage, advertising and social media campaign to drive the ‘Engine off when you stop’ message home.

It is estimated that air pollution contributes to the premature deaths of up to 2,000 people in Greater Manchester each year.

The region has been in breach of its legal limits for nitrogen dioxide, one of the most harmful pollutants, every year since 2011.

Read the full news release for more information.

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