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Cycle hire

Mobike cycle hire in Manchester city centre and Salford

Hiring a bike

Hiring a bike can be a great way to try cycling before you decide to buy a bike. It's also a great way to get into cycling by yourself or with friends, without the commitment of buying a bike.

Have a look at our list of bike hire providers in Greater Manchester.

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Hire a bike in Manchester city centre or Salford with Mobike

There are 1,000 bikes available to hire across Manchester city centre and Salford using Manchester’s bike hire scheme called ‘Mobike’.

The scheme is currently in a trial phase and will run until the end of 2017.

How to hire a bike

The bikes are available to hire using the Mobike app. The app lets you reserve a bike to be collected within the next 15 minutes. The bike can then be unlocked by scanning a QR code on the bike with the app.

There is a £49 deposit to join. After joining, the bikes are available for hire at a cost of 50p per 30 minutes.

Download the app.

Unlike London’s Santander bikes, Mobike is dockless meaning cyclists can pick up and drop off a bike at any convenient cycle parking location, rather than needing to be parked at a dedicated docking station.

Find out where you can rent a Mobike.

To download the Mobike app and for more information about the Mobike cycle hire trial scheme, visit the Mobike UK website.