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Poorly timed and inefficient traffic lights can slow traffic flow and contributed to congestion. In July 2018 we announced we would be investing £5.6m of Local Growth Deal funding in expanding Greater Manchester’s smart traffic light system.

The money will be invested in two systems, SCOOT and MOVA, and will mean Greater Manchester will have the largest smart traffic light network in the country outside London.

SCOOT (Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique) enables groups of traffic signals in busy areas to work together so that traffic flow is smoother and congestion reduced. Sensors pick up traffic data and use it to synchronise the lights so capacity is increased and delays reduced. Studies have shown SCOOT has increased traffic performance by up to 15% compared to a fixed time system.

MOVA (Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation) works on the same principle but is used at standalone junctions. If a road is clear the system attempts to minimise delays at the lights by changing more frequently. If the road is congested the system prioritises through flow to boost capacity.

The investment will mean 70% of Greater Manchester’s signal controlled junctions will have SCOOT and MOVA installed.