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Missed a delivery while you’ve been at work? Not got round to getting to the post office during your break? No worries!

We’ve partnered with InPost to bring parcel lockers to stations, making online shopping and sending parcels super easy.

How do they work?

Whether you’re picking up or dropping off a parcel, all you do is scan a code and the locker door pops open. This locker will be available to use 24/7. To find a locker closer to home with 24/7 access, use the InPost Locker finder.

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What can I do with InPost Lockers?


If you're worried about parcels not being delivered safely at home, you can choose to collect them from the locker downstairs. This delivery option is available with some of your favourite brands, including Boohoo, Vinted and Missguided. Find out here how it works.


Returning parcels is a hassle and too time-consuming, right? Wrong! InPost's Instant Returns service lets you return parcels in seconds to over 100 different retailers without any label printing. Start your return here.


If you're selling something on eBay or sending a gift to a loved one, posting parcels has never been easier or more flexible. The locker will be available during normal business hours.

Where can I find them?

TfGM have patnered with Inpost and have lockers at the following locations:

Metrolink Stops

  • East Didsbury
  • Prestwich
  • Stretford
  • Derker
  • Milnrow

Bus stations

  • Radcliffe
  • Bolton interchange
  • Wythenshawe Interchange
  • Oldham Central bus station
  • Wigan bus station
  • Leigh bus station
  • Rochdale Interchange


  • Horwich Parkway

Lockers are also present in various other locations. You can search for your nearest locker on the Inpost website.

Did you know?

Getting your parcel delivered to a locker instead of home can reduce carbon emissions. So you can do your bit AND make life more convenient at the same time. Happy days!