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Let’s clear the air!


Every day, all of us breathe in polluted air.

Poor air quality is one of the most important health and environmental challenges facing everyone in Greater Manchester.

We’re working hard to improve local air quality. But we all need to do more to help clean up the air we breathe.

We hope you’ll join in the events taking place across Greater Manchester on our second Greater Manchester Clean Air Day (Thursday 21 June 2018).

It’s part of a national day of action aimed at getting people across the country to think about how they can make a long-term difference to our air quality.

We want everyone who lives, works and travels in Greater Manchester to consider their everyday habits and make a change.

Make your pledge

Last year 2,500 people in Greater Manchester pledged to make a change. This year we’d like even more of you to take action.

Simply making some small changes in your everyday life can help reduce air pollution and clean up the air we breathe. Together we can make real progress in tackling the problem.

Make your pledge now!

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What causes air pollution?

Air pollution comes from many different sources.

Road transport is largely responsible for some of the most dangerous pollutants in Greater Manchester, including nitrogen dioxide and particulates.

Vehicle exhausts can produce harmful gases and tiny particles of soot and other matter that cause health problems and harm our environment.

By changing our travel habits we can all make a difference.

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Why is clean air important?

You may not see air pollution, but it can play a part in poor health, and is linked to breathing illnesses, heart disease, stroke and even some cancers.

Poor air quality affects us all, but particularly the most vulnerable members of society. Our children, older people, and people with health conditions all suffer the most.

Air pollution is linked to the premature deaths of thousands of people every year.

The good news is, there are lots of things we can all do to improve air quality and help look after everyone’s health

Once you’ve made your pledge, we’ve got plenty more ideas for ways to help cut down on pollution.

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What we're doing

Here at TfGM, we’re playing our part too. On Clean Air Day we’re:

  • Working with more than 800 primary and secondary schools across Greater Manchester to help children, young people and parents find out more about the impacts of air pollution through a special competition.
  • Supporting more than 700 businesses and other organisations to help them work more sustainably and reduce their company and staff’s contribution to air pollution.
  • Working with the NHS to hold events to help more people understand how air quality can affect your health, reaching thousands of people who use local health services every day.
  • Holding community and workplace events in all ten Greater Manchester districts.

You can read more about events taking place on Clean Air Day below.

Find out more about our work with local councils and other partners across the region to tackle air pollution head-on.

Join in our Clean Air Day events

Join us at one of our events on Thursday 21 June 2018:


Exchange Square, Manchester city centre

Lung health checks and the latest electric cars and bikes

Join us in the Clean Air Dome to find out more about air pollution and how healthy your lungs are.

  • Health professionals will be on hand to check your air capacity after you simply breathe into a special monitor.
  • They’ll give you specialist advice on your results and what you can do to look after your lungs.

You can also:

  • Check out the latest fully-electric cars.
  • See how an eBike can help you easily cycle uphill, with a rolling road test.


Manchester Royal Infirmary atrium (entrance near Marks and Spencer)

Wythenshawe Hospital

Come down and speak with health professionals, get advice and information on air quality.
You can also chat with our travel advisers to discuss how more active and sustainable travel could work for you.

Follow #GMCleanAirDay for the latest news on what’s happening in Greater Manchester.
You can also look at other ways to get involved with National Clean Air Day.

Any questions?

If you’d like to find out more about Clean Air Day, the impacts of air pollution or what Greater Manchester is doing to improve the air we breathe, please get in touch through Twitter.