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Short-term priorities


There are six key areas that we are focusing on in the short term. These build on our existing major investment programme, which is already the largest outside of London. We aim to deliver these over the next five years, subject to funding...

  • Highways measures to improve reliability and access across the wider city region and to the motorway network.

  • Improved access to key employment, education and training locations across the wider city region particularly by public transport and cycling.

  • Bus and rail passenger facility improvements with high grade waiting facilities and travel information services.

  • Town centre and regional centre access measures to improve access to public transport gateways and provide better walking and cycling environments in town/city centres.

  • Neighbourhood connectivity schemes focused on improving walking and cycling access to local rail stations, Metrolink stops and local bus hubs from the local communities.

We'll also be gearing up for increased devolution of powers and funding by exploring radical new opportunities to reform our bus services, and improve the way in which we manage our major roads and rail stations.