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An Autumnal/Winter scene featuring Billy the cyclist

Winter Cycling

Billy the Cyclist
Manchester backrop
Manchester backrop

Colder weather and darker nights don't mean your life on two wheels has to be put on hold. We've got the tips and expertise to keep you cycling all year long.

A rainy Winter scene featuring Billy the cyclist
Billy the Cyclist
Rain Puddle
Greater Manchester town backdrop
Greater Manchester town backdrop
Rain Rain


Stopping distances increase on wet or icy surfaces, so make sure your brakes are free of debris and working well.


Wider tyres at a lower pressure provide more contact for added grip and safety on wet roads.


Mudguards will help protect you, your bike and others from the rain and road spray.


During the winter, check your bike more frequently, pay particular attention to the chain, gears, brakes, tyres and wheel rims.

A night time Winter scene featuring Billy the cyclist
Billy the cyclist Billy the cyclist with his bike lights on
Bicycle lights reflected on the floor
The Moon
Greater town backdrop
Greater town backdrop


Keep your reflectors clean from dirt and rain.


Shorter days and darker nights mean fully charged and clean lights are essential.

Hi-vis gear

Bright clothing will help you stand out to other road users in the dark of winter.

Be prepared

Check the weather forecast! Get your cycling kit ready the night before and make sure that you have spare lights/batteries, puncture repair kit, pump and spare inner tube with your kit.

A snowy Winter scene featuring Billy the cyclist
Billy the cyclist Billy the cyclist covered with snow
Snow on the ground
Greater rural town backdrop
Greater rural town backdrop

Conserve heat

Wear a skullcap or buff under your helmet. Gloves and overshoes will help you retain heat and stay warm during the winter.


A waterproof cover for your helmet and seat will help keep you dry on those rainy days.


Grippy shoes and pedals will stop your feet from slipping.

Dry clothes

No-one wants to ride soaked through, so invest in some good waterproofs.

A foggy Winter scene featuring Billy the cyclist
Billy the cyclist
A hilly Greater Manchester rural backdrop
A hilly Greater Manchester rural backdrop
Fog Fog

Road position

As always, ride assertively and claim your road space - avoid manhole covers, puddles and road debris where possible.

Extra awareness

Motorists may be peering through misty windscreens or sun glare, so might not see you as quickly.

Adapt your route

In very cold weather remember that main roads may be easier to ride on, as they will get gritted more frequently.

Ride in groups

A cycling buddy can help if you get a puncture or some other mechanical issue when out in the cold or dark.

Billy Nuria Paul

Winter Cycling drop-in events at bike shops

Our cycle team will be on hand to offer:

  • Free bike maintenance checks
  • Route planning and expert advice
  • Free cycle maps
  • Police Bike Register tag
  • Sign up to free cycle training
  • Special shop discount to anyone who comes along.

And as an added incentive, we’re giving away goodie bags to the first ten people who turn up and quote 'Winter Ready campaign'.

Click on the links below for more details:

Free cycle training and maintenance courses.

Did you know that Transport for Greater Manchester offer free adult cycle training and maintenance courses for all levels of experience? Run by qualified instructors and either in small groups or on a one-to-one basis, they’re held at locations right across the area. Find out more and book your place here or email us at: