The Greater Manchester Walking Festival 2017

Why walk?

There's never been a better time to consider walking more regularly. It's free, good for our physical and mental wellbeing, kind to the environment, and a great way to get from A to B.

Walking helps us to get to know our local area, whether by strolling around a local park with the dog, walking to the station as part of a daily commute, nipping to the shops or heading out with a local walking group. Accessible to everyone, walking is one of the most effective and enjoyable forms of exercise we can do.

There are many health benefits linked to walking, you can see many of them here in our 'walking infographic'.

Walking also has a proven positive link with reducing the three top 'killer' diseases in the UK. Find out more about the health benefits of walking

Can walking extend your life?

Recent studies indicate that walking briskly for 20 minutes every day can add up to seven years to your life.

Watch the video below to hear people’s reactions when we shared this information with them:

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