Rochdale Interchange 

Rochdale interchange is an accessible, bright place to catch your bus with a full range of modern, easy-to-use facilities including a Travelshop.

Where do I catch my bus?

Click here to see where the stands are in the interchange.

Each stand has a door that will open automatically when your bus arrives. Please keep clear of the stand doors when a bus is ready to leave. For your safety please use the marked pedestrian crossing points in the interchange.

Getting information
You can get a full range of timetables, tickets and advice from the Travelshop on the main concourse.

Connecting with trains and Metrolink trams
The nearest Metrolink stop to Rochdale Interchange is Rochdale Town Centre, just outside the interchange building. Bus 471 departs from stand C in the interchange, running along Maclure Road and stopping a short distance from the train station. You can see a timetable here.

More about the interchange and the transformation of Rochdale town centre
Electricity generated from the River Roch is used to help power Rochdale Interchange in a project part funded by INTERREG. Find out more about this innovative project at 
The interchange is a significant step in plans to improve Rochdale town centre. You can find out about the wider redevelopment of Rochdale town centre on the Rochdale Town Centre website.

You can see the interchange on the webcam on the Rochdale Town Centre website.