Ring & Ride

Ring & Ride provides a door-to-door accessible minibus service for people who have difficulty in using public transport. You are eligible to use the service if you:

  • hold a Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) Concessionary Plus Pass; or
  • hold a TfGM Concessionary Disabled Person Pass; or
  • are 70 years old* or over, have mobility issues and hold a TfGM Over 60 Concessionary Pass; or
  • are a TfGM Travel voucher user.

Ring & Ride provides short, local journeys to eligible residents of Greater Manchester. If you are a registered user you may travel to any location within 6 miles of your home address, as long as the journey is within Greater Manchester.

You must show your concessionary pass on each trip to travel and qualify for the concessionary fare.

If you do not currently hold a concessionary pass, you can check if you are eligible for one by:

  • Visiting the Travel Concessions web page
  • Writing to: Travel Concessions, Customer Services, PO Box 429, Manchester M60 1HX
  • Phoning TfGM on: 0161 244 1000 (Lines are open from 7am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
    TfGM can also advise you of other public transport options if you are not eligible to use Ring & Ride.

Once you have checked if you are eligible you will need to register with us to use the service. For more information, please visit our how to register page

Once you have registered for the service you can book trips by calling 0161 200 6011/0845 688 3989. For more information visit our Booking your Journey page.