Future plans

Our plans for the future of transport in Greater Manchester are set out in the Local Transport Plan (LTP). Through these pages you can view the LTP itself to see how we aim to improve transport over the long-term, see what we plan to spend money on over the next few years and read about our recent achievements. 

Local Transport Plan
Delivering the LTP Strategy
Funding Bids


Stockport Town Centre Access Plan – Phase2A Publication of Business Case information and Delivery Agreement

Wigan Bus Station - Business case (PDF)

Wigan bus station - Shift statement (PDF)

SBNI - Salford Delivery Package 1 Shift Statement (PDF)

Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040

The Capital Programme 2015/16-2020/21 is now available

Salford Central Rail Station Additional Platforms - Outline Business Case (PDF)

Manchester Salford Inner Relief Road Regent Road/Water Street – Outline Business Case (PDF)

South Heywood Link Road - Outline Business Case (PDF)

Salford Bolton Network Improvements – Outline Business Case (PDF)

If you have any comments on this information please let us know by emailing LTPconsultation@tfgm.com