Using Kingsway Link if you live in Rochdale or surrounding areas

Kingsway Link can take you to and from Kingsway Business Park directly from your door if you live in the area shown on the map. We’ll also drop you off and collect you at your chosen location in Kingsway Business Park. The service runs from​ 5am to 11pm every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

How to book

Before you use Kingsway Link you need to register to use the service. You need to book at least one hour before you want to travel and you can book all your journeys at the same time, up to a week ahead.

Find out more about booking your journey and how much you’ll pay.

Pay for a week’s travel and save money, or try a System One Travelcard; ideal if you also use other bus services or are travelling in by bus from outside the area to make your Kingsway Link connection at Rochdale bus station. Find out about System One Travelcards at www.systemonetravelcards.co.uk

Where can I catch Kingsway Link?

Travel to Kingsway Business Park from anywhere in the area shown on the map. If you​r journey starts outside the area you can connect with Kingsway link at:


  • Rochdale bus station (Stand C)
  • Rochdale train station (main entrance)
  • Kingsway Business​ Park Metrolink stop


Click here to view map in PDF format

Kingsway Link is operated by Eco Travel Ltd


Kingsway Link for Heywood

If you are travelling to and from the Heywood area there is one additional scheduled journey between Kingsway Business Park, Heywood town centre.

The main Kingsway Link service does not run into the Heywood area, but you can use it to connect to Kingsway Link or other buses running to and from Heywood at Rochdale bus station.

Click here​ for details of Kingsway Link services in Heywood.​​