Network Maps

The Network maps are a set of 12 maps covering all the routes operating within the county. Use the links below to select which map you require. They can be viewed as a pdf version or online with pan and zoom facility. 
  Bolton pan and zoom (map number 6)...(3.3MB - JPG file)
Bolton (map number 6)...(1.4MB - PDF file)
  Bury pan and zoom (map number 7)...(2.8MB - JPG file)
Bury (map number 7)...(1.2MB - PDF file)
  Manchester North pan and zoom (map number 1)...(4.37MB - JPG file)
Manchester North (map number 1)...(1.83MB - PDF file)
Manchester South (map number 2)...(1.87MB - PDF file)
  Oldham pan and zoom (map number 9)...(3.34MB - JPG file)
Oldham (map number 9)...(1.34MB - PDF file)
  Rochdale pan and zoom(map number 8)...(2.6MB - JPG file)
Rochdale (map number 8)...(1.1MB - PDF file)
  Salford pan and zoom (map number 3)...(3.7MB - JPG file)
Salford (map number 3)...(1.6MB - PDF file)
  Stockport pan and zoom (map number 11)...(3.3MB - JPG file)
Stockport (map number 11)...(1.3MB - PDF file)
  Tameside pan and zoom (map number 10)...(3MB - JPG file)
Tameside (map number 10)...(1.1MB - PDF file)
  Trafford pan and zoom (map number 12)...(3.2MB - JPG file)
Trafford (map number 12)...(1.3 MB - PDF file)
  Wigan North pan and zoom (map number 5)...(2.9MB - JPG file)
Wigan North (map number 5...(1.1MB - PDF file)

  Wigan South pan and zoom (map number 4)...(3MB - JPG file)​
Wigan South (map number 4)...(1.2MB - PDF file)​ 
You can also see direct bus services, view bus stops and download timetables using Route Explorer.