​Travel information & promotion

There are already Travelshops at every major bus station in Greater Manchester, and our Traveline service provides information on your buses, trains and trams over the phone.

But we can do a lot more to make it even easier for you to find out how you can get around, and make it even easier for you to switch between bus, train and tram when you do.

To this end, we will actively work with people to help them make smarter travel choices. We will also help create travel plans for businesses, schools and communities.

We are committed to developing smartcard technology that will let you pay for your bus, train and tram ticket at the swipe of a pre-paid, top-up card.

And we are working with new media experts to develop new phone apps and web-based technology so you can get the best and latest travel advice wherever you are.

In future, real-time service information will be available at every Metrolink stop on the network.