​Network Efficiency and Reliability


We understand that you're more likely to use public transport if it takes you to where you want to go, turns up on time, and is safe and clean.

That is why we are committed to working with the companies who run the buses and trains to provide the right services, in the right places, to the right destinations and to promote high standards of service.

Last year we launched a Code of Conduct with bus companies, which will improve services by securing formal agreements with operators across the county in relation to punctuality, reliability and vehicle standards. We are also investing in a major project to expand the Metrolink network to provide new frequent, high quality, sustainable services to and from more destinations across Oldham, Rochdale, Manchester and Tameside. We are also lobbying the Government and the rail industry to ease the overcrowding on many of our services.

But we also know that not every journey can be made on just one service, so it's important for all these services to link together in the most effective way.

Our aim is for you to be able to expect to make most journeys by bus, train or tram - or a mix of two or three. We want public transport to be your first option, and we aim to do that by making the network as joined up as possible.

That will involve working with bus operators to see which services will provide the right connections from the stops on the new Metrolink lines and the heavy rail stations across Greater Manchester.

We will also consider where and how we can provide more door-to-door bus services, like Ring & Ride and Local Link, to help people who either don't have access to a bus service, or are unable to use a conventional bus.