​Local Sustainable Transport Fund

TfGM gets to work
Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is spearheading an ambitious Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) programme to link communities with employment opportunities and encourage sustainable commuting and business travel.
Made up of a five workstreams, Greater Manchester’s LSTF programme encompasses everything from personal journey planning and business travel plans, to improved cycling and walking routes and innovative uses of information and technology across the transport network.
Sustainable Access: This will see a comprehensive network of cycle and walking route improvements being delivered across the 10 districts of Greater Manchester, with more than 60km of new routes and over 30 junction improvements being delivered by March 2015.
Travel Choices: The Travel Choices programme will help commuters, businesses and jobseekers to get the most out of Greater Manchester’s changing transport network. Through a wide range of activities the Travel Choices programme will help to remove transport barriers to employment opportunities and support sustainable commuting and business travel.
Smarter Technology: LSTF funding is being used to introduce intermodal, real-time travel information, available by web or mobile.  LSTF is also part-funding the introduction of smart ticketing system get me there on buses, while a new active travel management system will speed up bus journeys and better manage travel flow across Greater Manchester.
Enabling Community Transport: For harder to reach areas, Local Link demand responsive transport services play a critical role in connecting people with employment opportunities.
As part of the LSTF programme, existing services in key areas will be enhanced, a 24/7 booking system will be introduced and a Train, Learn, Drive, Earn (TLDE) programme will be rolled out.
Commuter Cycle project: To support commuter cycling a toolkit of complementary measures will be developed, including cycle training, information and improvements to routes. Significant improvements are also being made to the quality and availability of secure cycle parking including the Cycle Hub programme which looks to provide secure facilities at key location across Greater Manchester.
Through investing £59.8million (£37.4million LSTF grant and £22.4million of local contributions) the LSTF programme brings together technology, travel choices, and active travel measures to support the region’s low carbon economy.
Find out more about Greater Manchester’s LSTF programme in our summary document