Rochdale road

The scheme, extending along Rochdale Road from Middleton bus station to Manchester city centre, comprises several kilometres of new bus lanes in both directions, largely within the existing carriageway, together with junction capacity enhancements, localised parking and loading improvements, and improvements to pedestrian and cycling facilities.
The proposed inbound bus lanes extend between Middleton bus station and the start of Alkrington Green Village, and from Junction 20 of the M60 to Middleton Old Road, with some smaller additional sections towards the city centre, including through the Queen's Road junction.
Outbound bus lanes will run from Collyhurst past Queen's Park and from Middleton Old Road to the M60 junction, with smaller sections on the approach to Middleton bus station.

Rochdale Road consultation
During September 2012 TfGM and Manchester City Council consulted with the local community on the proposed changes to Rochdale Road.
The report detailing comments received during the consultation period can be viewed here.
Following the comments received during the consultation, Transport for Greater Manchester and Manchester City Council have reviewed and discussed the design proposals incorporating, wherever possible, the comments that were received.
You can see a copy of the proposed amendments to the scheme, based on the feedback received during the consultation, by clicking here.
As the updated proposals will require changes to parking, loading and waiting restrictions, the next steps are for Manchester City Council, as the local Highway Authority, to advertise the Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs). This is expected to be in January 2013.

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs)
Some of the proposals for the bus priority package require changes to parking, loading and waiting restrictions.
In order to make these changes, the local Highway Authority have to make Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs), for Rochdale Road the local Highway Authority is Manchester City Council.
A TRO is a legal order, which allows the Highway Authority to regulate the speed, movement and parking of vehicles. A TRO must follow a statutory legal process which requires a statutory procedure to be followed.
It is expected that Manchester City Council will be advertising the TRO for Rochdale Road in January 2013. Further details will be made available at Manchester City Council’s website.