Construction work

Subject to successful consultation, we will implement these proposals – in phases in order to minimise disruption – with completion scheduled for 2015.

TfGM will be keeping in touch with local residents, businesses and communities to provide regular information and updates on the project's progress. We'll do this through letters, leaflets, on this website, the local press and in person. You can also get in touch directly with us by emailing or by calling 0300 123 1177.

TfGM will be carrying out further site clearance works until 28 March 2013. When work began on site in November 2012, we were still in talks with several bidding contractors and therefore did not have an exact plan of the area which would need to be cleared; therefore we cleared only the space and trees that we were certain would be needed for the construction of the busway, thereby removing as few trees as possible. We are now in a position to work with one contractor as our preferred bidder for the scheme and have now received a more detailed plan of the site clearance boundary from this contractor giving us a greater level of certainty of the area that needs to be cleared.
If you would like further information and to see a plan which shows the additional site clearance work that will be taking place; you can see this here.

Don't forget to check back for updates on where we're up to.