How do I register to use a Local Link service?

Registering is free and you can do this online for any Local Link service or by calling TfGM on 0161 200 6012.

How do I book my journey?

You can book your journey online or by calling TfGM.

Can Local Link take me to places that aren’t shown on the maps?

Local Link can only take you to places specified within each individual service area. You can use Local Link to take you to a bus or tram stop or railway station to continue your journey.

How many journeys can I make if I have a weekly Local Link ticket?

You can make as many journeys as you like with a weekly ticket, but remember you will still need to book each trip in advance. Journeys are booked on a first-come-first-served basis so the earlier you book, the more likely you are to get the journeys you want.

Can I use Local Link if I don’t live in a service area?

Yes. Anyone can use Local Link and it’s an ideal way to get to your final destination if other public transport doesn’t go there. For example, you can use Local Link to travel between your workplace or home and the nearest train station or tram stop.

Do I need to register again if I use another Local Link service?

Yes, you need to register separately for each different service you use.

Will I travel with other people?

Yes, you might share your Local Link journey with other people.

Will my journey be slower if I have to share Local Link with other people?

Your journey may take a little longer if there are other passengers, because we’ll need to take time to pick up or drop off other people on the way – just as an ordinary bus service would.

If you need to arrive by a specified time, for example when travelling to work, please inform us when booking and we will be able to schedule in this requirement.

What vehicles do you use?

We use minibuses. If you’re taking large items, a wheelchair or mobility scooter on your journey, please let us know when you book.

Do you guarantee to provide the journey I want to make?

Local Link runs on a first-come first-served basis so we cannot guarantee your journey will be possible every time you try to book a trip. You are more likely to get the trips you want if you book early.

What happens if Local Link can't make a journey I have booked, or if the service runs late?

If there is a problem we will try to inform you using the contact phone number you gave us when you registered. Please note we cannot contact you unless a contact telephone number has been supplied or be held liable for any losses, damage, costs or inconvenience caused by a late or cancelled journey.

What can I do if my service does not arrive at the booked time?

If your vehicle does not arrive within 10 minutes of your requested time, you can check on its progress by phoning the service booking number.

What if I need to cancel a booked journey?

If you need to cancel a trip please give us as much notice as possible by calling the number listed on the service page.

The earlier you inform us that you are unable to travel the better as it allows other customers to book instead.

If you can’t make your journey but fail to cancel on three occasions during any 30 day period, we may have to suspend your bookings for 30 days.

How far in advance do I need to book my journey?

You can book as many journeys as you like at one time, up to one week in advance. Please book your journey at least one hour before you want to travel. We’ll aim to pick you up at the time you requested, but we may arrive up to 10 minutes earlier or later so please be prepared. For example, if you book a journey at 9.20am your Local Link vehicle may arrive anytime between 9.10am and 9.30am.

Can I bring my dog or other animal?

You can bring your pet with you provided it is suitably under control or carried in an appropriate container. You must tell us you want to bring your pet when you make your booking and it must not cause any hygiene or safety issues. Animals are not allowed on the seats, must not block any aisles and remain your responsibility at all times.

Can I take luggage with me?

Yes, but please let us know when you book your journey. We may have to refuse certain items that cannot be carried safely.

Can I take my wheelchair or mobility scooter?

Yes, but you need to book at least seven days in advance and tell us the make and model so that we can confirm it can be carried. Mobility scooters vary a lot in size and design, so we may need to conduct an in-home assessment to check it’s safe to carry.

If your question isn’t answered here you may find the answer in the Conditions of Carriage, or call 0161 200 6012.