​Cross City Bus - The routes

The investment will, for the first time, make the operation of cross city services practicable. As a result, it will provide the opportunity for existing bus services from Middleton and Leigh/Bolton to run through the city centre to terminate at the Central Manchester Hospitals site.

In addition there are interchange opportunities available at Salford Central, Salford Crescent, Oxford Road and Shudehill Interchange for a wide range of bus services to connect with those that will be providing direct cross city links to the Higher Education Precinct.

More details on these routes are available below.

Salford / A580 Corridor:

The proposal is to run services from this corridor through to Oxford Road, thereby creating an important transport link from the west of Greater Manchester. Following the relocation of the Manchester Children's Hospital, formerly located at Pendlebury close to the A580 Corridor to the Central Manchester Hospitals site on Oxford Road, this service will provide a direct link for both staff and patients.

The scheme includes the introduction of new bus lanes on the A580 along with enhancements to bus priority at a number of key traffic signalled junctions, waiting / loading restrictions and bus stop upgrades. These improvements also form an important element of the complementary the busway scheme from Leigh, Salford and Manchester.

The improvements on this corridor will also support the Chapel Street redevelopment and University of Salford, both next to the A580 Corridor in Salford. This will benefit both students and businesses looking to access educational facilities from across Greater Manchester.



Middleton corridor

The scheme, extending along Rochdale Road from Middleton bus station to Manchester city centre, comprises several kilometres of new bus lanes in both directions, largely within the existing carriageway, together with junction capacity enhancements, localised parking and loading improvements, and improvements to pedestrian facilities.

The proposed inbound bus lanes extend between Middleton bus station and the start of Alkrington Green Village, and from Junction 20 of the M60 to Middleton Old Road, with some smaller additional sections towards the city centre, including through the Queen's Road junction.

This scheme will especially benefit residents following the relocation of the Booth Hall Children's Hospital, formerly located near the Rochdale Road bus corridor, to the Central Manchester Hospitals site on Oxford Road. This was identified as a key opportunity for further bus enhancements and a major driver for its inclusion as a Cross City scheme.

Outbound bus lanes will run from Collyhurst past Queen's Park and from Middleton Old Road to the M60 junction, with smaller sections on the approach to Middleton bus station.



Oxford Road

Oxford Road has traffic flows of more than 20,000 vehicles on a typical weekday and is one of the busiest public transport routes in Europe. It has very high bus flows, but is also very well used by pedestrians and cyclists.

A key component of the Cross City Bus package is a bus, hackney carriage (taxi) and cycle only section on Oxford Road between Hathersage Road and Grosvenor Street. These elements would be within the existing carriageway and include widening the footways and introducing segregated cycle lanes on the carriageway.

Complementary traffic management/capacity measures will be introduced on the parallel Upper Brook Street corridor to help manage traffic flow, allowing some displacement to be accommodated and also assist in the provision of servicing and access.

On the Lloyd Street corridor, measures to reduce traffic speeds and give pedestrians and cyclists greater priority are proposed.



Manchester City Centre

This investment will, for the first time, make the operation of cross-city services practicable, with bus priority measures along the east-west Portland Street and north-south Princess Street corridors providing the links from Oxford Road in the south with the Middleton Corridor in the north and the A580 to the west.

The proposals have been developed in consultation with Manchester City Council and align with the wider Transport Strategy for Manchester City Centre. They also complement the proposed Metrolink expansion in terms of the plans for Second City Crossing.

Portland Street is the major bus route into the city centre and therefore the provision of bus priority along this corridor will result in significant benefits to buses serving the area.

Bus lanes are proposed in both directions on Portland Street and a northbound contra flow bus lane will be introduced on Princess Street between Portland Street and Cross Street. Complementary measures have been included in the package to cater for displaced traffic.