14 November 2014

Metrolink supports “Safe to Sing” with performance on city centre trams

Manchester’s Lesbian and Gay Chorus will give a special performance on the city’s trams this Monday, as Metrolink gives its full support to the “Safe to Sing” event.

“Safe to Sing” has been arranged following a violent homophobic attack on two young men in Manchester city centre’s Piccadilly Gardens late on 1 November – after they were verbally abused for singing on a tram into town.

The Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus has responded by creating the “Safe to Sing” event on Metrolink trams and in Piccadilly Gardens from 8pm on Monday 17 November.

Choir co-Chair, Kath Fox, said: “The songs we will sing will celebrate freedom and love as a community response to this brutal attack and as a way for us to reach out to Jo and Jake and to assure them we will defend the right to safe passage on public transport for all people, especially those from the LGBT community.”

Peter Cushing, Transport for Greater Manchester’s Metrolink Director, added: “Metrolink is well and truly on board to support “Safe To Sing” and this fantastic show of solidarity within the LGBT community.

“Although this brutal attack happened off a tram, the fact remains that intolerance, violence or anti-social behaviour of any kind cannot and will not be tolerated on Greater Manchester’s tram network.

“Metrolink is for everyone and we fully support the LGBT community, with well-established links through our Pride sponsorship.

“We want all our customers to enjoy safe travel on their trams and we will do everything we can to support the police in bringing offenders to justice.”

The choir will exit their final tram journey at Piccadilly Gardens (the location of the attack) at around 8.45pm and join other LGBT groups, choirs and the general public, who are invited to join them in song. The evening will culminate in a celebration of song with a procession heading to Canal Street.

More information is available at www.mlgc.org.uk/events, www.facebook.com/pages/safe-to-sing or by following @MLGCOnline on Twitter using #SafeToSing.

For information on travel by Metrolink visit www.metrolink.co.uk, call the customer helpline on 0161 205 2000, or follow @MCRMetrolink on Twitter.

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