​Avoiding Bridge Strikes

The minimum height clearance over carriageways is 5.03m (16' 6"). Bridges with less clearance are classed as 'low bridges' and are signed with red circles or triangles. The signed height denotes the maximum vehicle or load height which can safely travel under the bridge. Arch bridges may also be marked with chord lines, goal posts and directive arrows on the road surface. HGV drivers are advised of the following;

  • Know your maximum height, don't guess it.

  • Drive to the actual signs at the bridge, don't ignore them.

  • If your maximum height exceeds 4.95m (16'3") and you cannot lower your load, you must check your route with the relevant traffic authorities, including Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM). If you are in any doubt as you plan your route, always contact the relevant traffic authority in advance.

For further information regarding the avoidance of bridge strikes, please click here.