​Partnership Working

Environmental Responsibility

Transport for Greater Manchester works closely with a number of key partners and stakeholders in relation to environmental and sustainability initiatives. We are open about our approaches and projects, and welcome feedback and questions. We work most closely with the following groups:

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

  • We work with NGOs in a number of ways, including:

    • They are consulted with in relation to large schemes, especially those requiring an Environmental Impact Assessment or Strategic Environmental Assessment

    • Environmental promotional activities and events involvement

    • Joint environmental projects and initiatives

If you have any suggestions about how we could work with NGOs on environmental issues please get in touch.

Local Authorities

  • If you are a district council and you would like to work with us on initiatives, or on any of the following issues, then please get in touch:

    • Waste recycling at public transport stations and interchanges

    • Enforcement of the 5 minute turn off rule (where vehicles are required to turn of the ignition if stationary for more than 5 minutes), on highways and at bus stations

    • Environmental events and promotional activities

    • We represent Transport for Greater Manchester on a number of district groups including; LTP cycling and walking sub groups and the Greater Manchester Environmental co-ordinators group

View AGMA website

Public Transport Operators

  • We work with operators on a number of initiatives- the list below gives a flavour. If you are interested in helping support this work then please get in touch.

    • The trial of Biodiesel (starting with a 5% mix of oil and diesel)

    • The fitting of particulate traps to bus exhausts

    • Promoting the '5 minute turn off rule' to bus drivers

    • Bus driver training, aimed at promoting the environmental benefits of efficient driving techniques