​Joint Road Safety Group

The Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership is a multi-agency Partnership committed to reducing the numbers of deaths and injuries on Greater Manchester's roads.

We work in partnership to reduce casualties on Greater Manchester's roads by changing attitudes and behaviour.

'DriveSafe' is the marketing name for the Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership.

The Joint Road Safety Group has a remit for countywide functions agreed with the Greater Manchester partners listed below;

  • Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership and GM Road Safety Strategy

  • Casualty Data and Analysis - analysis of collision and casualty database identifying high risk casualty locations, contributory factors, behaviours, groups and trends

  • Performance Monitoring - LTP Road Safety Delivery Plan, reviewing reduction performance, practices and processes

  • Publicity & Communication - Develop and implement Road Safety Communications, Publicity, Marketing Strategy

  • Safety Camera Operation - Co-ordinate the maintenance of safety camera housings, the installation and upgrade of digital safety cameras and provide and co-ordinate the strategic analysis of the effectiveness of the safety camera operation

  • Driver Intervention Scheme - Management and operation of the GM Driver Intervention Scheme to influence driver behaviour and support responsible road use

  • Speed Limit Review and Speed Management Strategy - Co-ordinating the GM Speed Limit Review and development of the GM Speed Management Strategy

  • Greater Manchester Funded Projects - Co-ordinating submitted bids for funding to support GM Road Safety Strategies and management of specific countywide road safety projects funded by DfT and other organisations.


Driver Intervention Scheme

DriveSafe delivers the National Driver Intervention Scheme (NDIS) across Greater Manchester and Merseyside on behalf of Greater Manchester Police and Merseyside Police.
"It must be in the public interest to rectify a fault rather than punish the transgressor" - Lord Peter North (Road Traffic Law Review of 1988).
The aim of the Scheme is to influence driver behaviour and support responsible road use by providing driver educational courses.
Those who attend and complete a course do not receive the fine or penalty points.
DriveSafe delivers the five National Driver Intervention Scheme course types across five venues in Greater Manchester and two venues in Merseyside:
  • Speed Awareness Course - for drivers who have been caught speeding;
  • Speed Awareness Couse 20 – for drivers who have been caught speeding in 20 mph
  • Driver Alertness Course - for drivers who have been involved in a Road Traffic Collision;
  • What’s Driving Us? Course - for drivers who have committed a deliberate or wilful act – such as using a handheld mobile phone whilst driving; and
  • Driving 4 Change Course – for drivers who have a skills deficit and require some coaching with their driving skills.
The courses are delivered by 70 self-employed Trainers working for DriveSafe across the region.
The course content includes:
  • Key facts about driving
  • The benefits of complying with the Highway Code
  • The causes of offending
  • The consequences of offending
  • Driving behaviour and attitude towards other road users
  • A coping strategy
The DriveSafe NDIS Team:
  • Arrange courses for over 90,000 clients per year
  • Deliver more than 330 courses per month - 6 days per week (morning, afternoon & evening)
  • Organise courses at 7 venues across the region (Birkenhead, Bury, Bolton, Carrington, Gorton, Knowsley, Newton Heath)
  • Handle up to 5,000 telephone enquiries per month
  • Engages 70 self-employed Trainers
For more information visit the DriveSafe website.
Contact : ndis@drivesafe.org.uk