​Metrolink at Oldham Mumps

TfGM is currently converting the former Oldham Loop rail line to Metrolink. This new Metrolink line is expected to open from Manchester to a temporary stop at Mumps near the former Oldham Mumps railway station before opening to Rochdale railway station. Funding is confirmed for this extension and the main contractor was appointed in 2008. When the town centre route opens in 2014, it will replace this section of the alignment.

In May 2009, funding was identified for the Metrolink extension through Oldham town centre as part of the Greater Manchester Transport Fund. Final funding approval was secured in July 2010 and the contractor appointed in August 2010. The Oldham town centre route will be approximately 2.5km long and will have four new Metrolink stops at Westwood, Oldham King Street, Oldham Central and Oldham Mumps. The town centre route will run adjacent to Featherstall Road South, then Middleton Road before crossing underneath Oldham Way at Manchester Street roundabout. From here, the trams will cross beneath John Street and onto King Street before continuing down Union Street to Oldham Mumps where they will join the line heading towards Rochdale.

In order to provide Metrolink services initially to Oldham Mumps and then to Rochdale railway station, Metrolink will temporarily operate along the alignment of the former Oldham Loop Line between Werneth and Oldham Mumps.

Following the confirmation of the town centre extension, TfGM has worked closely with Oldham Council to develop the proposals in the Oldham Mumps area for both the temporary and permanent arrangements. These proposals have been developed to fit with Oldham Council's regeneration aspirations for this area and enable the Metrolink stop to be integrated with the Park and Ride and bus facilities. This will allow the Council to make the most of a unique opportunity to improve traffic circulation at Mumps. The new road junction will be a major improvement over the former roundabout.

Following consultation earlier this year, planning permission was secured in April 2011 for the construction of the modified Mumps proposals. Under the new scheme, Metrolink will temporarily run at street level in the Mumps area. These proposals consist of a new signalised highway junction now being constructed in place of the Oldham Mumps roundabout. A new and permanent link road onto Oldham Way will also be constructed to make it easier for traffic to access or leave Union Street.



Metrolink at Mumps; temporary solution until 2014

Opening in 2012 the Oldham Loop rail line conversion to Metrolink will run at street level through a new junction layout in the Mumps area.

When the town centre route opens in 2014, the temporary section of the Oldham Loop rail line conversion between Werneth and Oldham Mumps will be removed, including the track across the new junction. Further modifications will then be made to the traffic signals to suit the final permanent layout.




Metrolink at Mumps; permanent town centre extension from 2014

Opening in 2014 the Oldham town centre Metrolink line will run along Union Street into the Mumps area. An integrated tram and bus interchange will also be provided at Oldham Mumps along with a new Park and Ride on the former B&Q site.

What does this mean for Oldham?

Oldham town centre is an expanding centre for retail and commercial employment. It is also a major focus for providing education, skills and employment via its colleges and university campus. Together, Town Square and Spindles provide one of the larger covered shopping centres in Greater Manchester. Metrolink will provide a frequent and reliable link to the town from both the districts and the wider Greater Manchester area. Metrolink will also improve the links between the northern and southern ends of Oldham town centre. The Metrolink extension through the town centre therefore has the potential to attract new investment and build upon the existing retail and education strengths of the town. The Council is also developing a town centre investment strategy to take advantage of the new opportunities that Metrolink can generate.