Altrincham Interchange

Altrincham Interchange is a bright, attractive place to catch your bus, train or Metrolink tram, with modern, easy to use facilities.
Getting information
You can get a full range of timetables, tickets and advice from the information and tickets office on the main concourse.
The information and tickets office opening times are:
  • Mondays to Fridays 6.40am – 8.20pm
  • Saturdays 7.10am – 8.20pm
  • Sundays 9.20am – 4.50pm
Where do I catch my service?
The map shows you where to catch your bus in the interchange. The destination index shows buses by service number and tells you which bus stand they depart from.

Each bus stand has a door that will open automatically when your bus arrives. Please keep clear of the stand doors when a bus is ready to leave.
Metrolink trams use platforms 1 and 2 and trains use platforms 3 and 4.
For your safety please use the marked pedestrian crossing points in the interchange.
​Please use the stairs to reach the footbridge, or alternatively, use the lift.
If you need to use the track level crossing, please ask for assistance at the information and tickets office, the Interchange Office or the Northern Rail office on platform 4.
A cycle hub is available at this station giving you somewhere dry and secure to leave your cycle.
Use of the Cycle Hubs is based on membership
For further details please visit
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