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Transport in Greater Manchester is changing. Our vision is for: 'World class connections that support long-term, sustainable economic growth and access to opportunity for all'.

What does that mean for you? Watch our video (created for our public consultation) to find out more...


A major public consultation showed strong support for our plans and we have now published the final 2040 Transport Strategy. We received nearly 1,800 responses from individuals, organisations and businesses from across the city-region, as well as from neighbouring areas.

With this feedback we’ve created a long-term strategy which works for the whole of Greater Manchester and beyond. Thanks for sharing our vision – and helping us shape the future. We’ve made some changes to reflect your comments.

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Greater Manchester is evolving. With a growing population and economy, we are also on a path towards significant devolution of powers and funding from central Government. And it’s against this backdrop that we have developed our 2040 Transport Strategy.

The aim is to establish a fully integrated, high capacity transport network for Greater Manchester.

In practice, it’s about making people’s lives easier and enriching communities. That means fewer trips made by car, more journeys by bike and on foot, better public transport, and towns and neighbourhoods that are safe, attractive and accessible.

It's also about supporting growth, enhancing quality of life, boosting pride of place and generating a greater sense of happiness.

We're looking to the future. Not just predicting what that future might hold, but taking an active role in shaping it to create a successful, resilient and thriving region.

There will be challenges to face along the way, such as responding to the needs of a rapidly growing population; tackling and adapting to climate change; and reducing social inequality in our city region. But, by working together, with careful planning and innovation, we can make way for new opportunities and improved health and wellbeing.

Continue reading to find out more about the way ahead for Greater Manchester’s transport.

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Our 2040 Transport Strategy isn’t so much about individual modes of transport. Instead it focuses on creating an integrated, sustainable, and well co-ordinated transport system that supports a wide range of different travel needs.

Naturally, our customers are at the heart of our 2040 Transport Strategy – residents, businesses and visitors alike – and we’re also mindful of the different needs of passengers and freight. We have developed seven core principles, each of which will be applied across our transport network:

  • Integrated – allow customers to move seamlessly between modes and services
  • Inclusive – provide accessible and affordable transport
  • Healthy – promote walking and cycling for local trips
  • Environmentally responsible – deliver lower emissions, better quality environment
  • Reliable – give customers confidence in journey times
  • Safe and secure – reduce road accidents and deaths
  • Well maintained and resilient – able to withstand unexpected events and weather conditions

Our ambition for 2040 is to deliver a transport system which makes it much easier for residents, business and visitors in Greater Manchester to travel to a wide range of different destinations and opportunities, and where sustainable transport is a viable and attractive alternative to the car.

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At a local level, our neighbourhoods have a huge influence on quality of life. They need to feel safe and welcoming. People want to feel connected – to shops, parks, schools, their place of work and to one another. Local streets should be ‘places’, rather than just through routes for traffic.

Creating attractive living environments also plays a role in the economy, by attracting and retaining the diverse labour market that is needed to support economic growth.

That's why we’re focusing on communities – encouraging people to use their cars less and walk and cycle more for shorter journeys, to help reduce congestion, pollution and accidents.

We’re also improving transport between and within our towns by road, public transport, bike and on foot, to help our town centres thrive. Our ambition is that our regenerated town centres are easy to get to and pleasant to walk around and spend time in. Buses will play a particularly important role in connecting our towns and we have big plans for improving services by making them simpler and more attractive to use.

Our Strategy also focuses on how we can move more people and goods into and around the regional centre – that means Manchester city centre and adjacent parts of Salford and Trafford. It’s also about how we will deliver a transformed Piccadilly station, served by high speed rail, at the core of a world-class public transport network.

Additional Metrolink services will take advantage of the new Second City Crossing and bus services will also be upgraded to make public transport an appealing option for everyone. Our city centre streets will be more attractive and easier to walk and cycle around.

Salford Central will see additional platforms to accommodate increased passenger numbers and additional services following completion of the Ordsall Chord.

Junction and routing improvements will aid access to the regional centre and to Salford Quays by tackling congestion at critical bottlenecks.

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Greater Manchester-wide improvements will enable people to pay for travel more easily, with simple, integrated fares and smart ticketing, making public transport a less confusing option.

Looking to a cleaner, greener future, opportunities for a clean air zone will be reviewed to tackle air pollution. Across Greater Manchester, air quality and carbon reduction measures will be delivered, supported by possible new car clubs and cycle hire schemes to expand the city region‘s transport offer.

Beyond Greater Manchester, transport links to other cities across the UK are critical to our long-term success. Travel across the wider region and beyond will be more joined-up and sustainable.

Many of our current inter-city road and rail networks are heavily congested and unreliable. Coupled with this are slow journey times. The transformation of transport between our cities would deliver significant economic and social benefits, not just for Greater Manchester, but right across the north.

We've also considered Greater Manchester’s connections to global business and tourism opportunities. Manchester Airport and the Enterprise Zone, along with the Atlantic Gateway corridor from Port of Liverpool to Manchester along the Manchester Ship Canal, all offer exciting opportunities to create better transport links to the rest of the world for moving goods and people.

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There are six key areas that we are focusing on in the short term. These build on our existing major investment programme, which is already the largest outside of London. We aim to deliver these over the next five years, subject to funding...

  • Highways measures to improve reliability and access across the wider city region and to the motorway network.

  • Improved access to key employment, education and training locations across the wider city region particularly by public transport and cycling.

  • Bus and rail passenger facility improvements with high grade waiting facilities and travel information services.

  • Town centre and regional centre access measures to improve access to public transport gateways and provide better walking and cycling environments in town/city centres.

  • Neighbourhood connectivity schemes focused on improving walking and cycling access to local rail stations, Metrolink stops and local bus hubs from the local communities.

We'll also be gearing up for increased devolution of powers and funding by exploring radical new opportunities to reform our bus services, and improve the way in which we manage our major roads and rail stations.

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Greater Manchester is the beating heart of the Northern Powerhouse. As we look towards 2040, we’ve been ambitious in our transport plans – they play a critical part in our long-term success.

Greater Manchester’s development is inspired by you and we’re pleased to have you on board as we work to make our city region the best it can be.

But finalising our Strategy is only the beginning. We are already working to deliver the first phase of activity outlined in these plans. We’ll be reporting back every year on progress to ensure the policies and measure are working.

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