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 4. Spatial themes

Spatial themes diagram

Alongside identifying transport proposals which apply across Greater Manchester, our strategy will also target improvements for different types of travel, from global connectivity to support overseas trade and leisure markets, right down to the critical local trips that people make on a daily basis from their homes to work, school, shops, services, and local transport interchanges.


Five types of travel have been identified and are summarised in the graphic on the right. For each, connectivity improvements will be identified for businesses, residents and visitors, which best satisfy our overarching strategy vision for "World Class connections that support long-term, sustainable economic growth and access to opportunity for all."


These connectivity improvements are discussed in sections 5–9.

What is connectivity?

Connectivity is about improving access to places and services for both people and goods. Improving connectivity may mean better transport infrastructure and services, but it could also be about providing smarter access through advances in digital communication or getting more out of our existing networks through better travel information and by supporting travel choices.